My mum and dad and grandma are in the Isle of Man. My Dad is celebrating every day by ringing me from his mobile for reasons that vary between good and waste of time… heh.

Yay, it worked. I’m now back to life, waiting for a mere 19 e-mails to arrive. Things are quiet for once!

It’s a fairly quiet Sunday afternoon. I’m staying at my grandma’s while she and my parents are away – it’s reckoned that her house needs watching more!

In half an hour I’m going to run home and check my post. I know what should be there, and let’s just say that I’m not looking forward to it…

See yas later!

Ho hum. I hate it when this thing decides to freeze up. Who’d have a laptop?

Anyway, here I am, waiting for the task bar to wake up in Windows XP. It’s being quite maddening, but I think it might work now. Here’s hoping…