Remind me to wear a short-sleeved shirt tomorrow…

It’s hot and sticky out there, and there’s no air circulating round my office. Never is. Who maintains our AirCon? Who didn’t get it fixed so that if we get it fixed now it’ll blow loads of dust in? Bah.

Anyway. My boss was back from Barbados today – I asked him did he play lots of golf, since he and Alison are great fans. John said “yes, but not very well”… what could I do? I said “Well, if you must go to the nineteenth hole before the first hole instead of after the eighteenth…”

Saturday night I decided to cycle from Bangor to Belfast. Good idea, because I bumped into an old friend in what could only be described as a God-incidence…

Joanna is a good friend of an ex-gf of mine, and has recently broken up with her boyfriend of just under a year. I walked her back to Crawfordsburn and we chatted our way there. It was God-appointed, and I was able just to listen to her and go away praying for her. Wow.

Anyway, so even though I should know better, I cycled on to Holywood. Not because of the rain, but because of all the steps and steep bits and uneven surfaces – bad idea. I should really have joined the main road for an easier route… Mind you, I did learn that the Coastal Path is closed beyond Kinnegar Barracks from Saturday to Monday mornings, so you can’t get into the Harbour Estate due to a rather big gate.

Sunday night was the Agape Meal at church. Took a fair bit of setting up, and we had sound problems because where we were doesn’t lend itself to good sound – too echoey, leading a piano, two guitars, three vocals, bass and drums to be quite muddy. Once we had that sorted, it went well, and we turned everything up for the last song (See what a morning – for the fourth time in as many weeks. Apparently we’re getting a break next week). Hopefully next year’s will be in the church itself – it simplifies things musically as well as having everyone closer together (no piano to move, full PA etc), although everyone’s further away from the food. That can be got round by having a serving table, of course!

My pool skills are not improving. I’m getting beaten by the bad players in the Church of Ireland Centre – oh well…

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