SMConfidential Day 4

And Thursday is nearly over.

In five minutes, I’m due to take a dander round the site with the two other Security folks on site – the rest arrive tomorrow. We had the usual hundreds of people setting up their tents tonight – but it always seems to be scary amounts, especially when you look out at practically full subcamps (it’s ok, there is still lots of room for everyone who has booked – even if the Londonderry Hall has overflowed into the Alexander Hall)

Otherwise, Comms got established, staging got put out, the Subcamp leaders’ tents were put up, and other stuff to make the site happen. Some of our exhibitors arrived today as well, beginning to make the Nugent Hall a little less bare…

The office has been busy in general, sorting out staff, confused subcamp leaders, and trying to track just about everything. Meantime, the Cinema DVDs have been organised, and it’s time I went out on this last patrol.

Night all!

SMConfidential Day 3

Well, I’m currently watching three people writing out tent tickets. I did a similar number to them earlier on, so I’m not being totally lazy.

Today, in my absence (I took a run home after work and picked up my Streetreach leader’s guide and the book I won on Juls’ show on u105 on Sunday – they’re broadcasting live from here this Sunday) the guys moved 2000 chairs around the site – 1500 in the King’s Hall (I assume upstairs, otherwise at the back), and assorted venues around the site. Powerlight also came in and set up the lights for SMart One in the Alexander Hall.

When I arrived, the team was putting the fence round the overflow site. Tomorrow I’ll know more of what’s happening, because I’ve taken the extra day off work. Why am I up this late…

For those who are wondering, the bike behaved today.