How do you account for two years?

Suppose I’d better do some sort of update post, since I read everyone else’s livejournal!


In March 2004, I changed office. It was a good move, now in our Estate Services branch. One of those places where we actually work as a team instead of talking about it – too dependent on each other not to.

I’ve settled down nicely in the Church of the Resurrection at QUB. Working on an Adrian Plass night for the church on Friday January 14th, being organised by myself and the rest of the XtremeEvents crew – see and register on my forums! (and do some posting)…

We also organised an Andrew Flannagan concert on 14th October, but I try not to talk about that… oops…! It all started with a 24/7 prayer week some of the folks on the Summer Madness website had a vision for which we picked up and brought to life – and finished with an overnight worship session. Very long night for an Andy…

The crew is now myself, Ruth Strong, Jemz Kirkpatrick, Dave Lowry, Sarah Reid, Rob Elkin, and our latest addition – Mark Railton.

Meantime, my laptop died this year, and PC Servicecall managed to return it to me without fixing more than one item. Still waiting for them to reply to an e-mail to say what they propose to do about it.

So I’m sitting in my room on a Sunday night with a bad cough and cold, not going to work tomorrow probably. And I’ve still no life, so no change there 😉

More later.

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