Sunday night…

Well, here we are! I’m still blogging several days on, what’s wrong with me?

Anyway, going to work tomorrow ain’t gonna happen. I’m still dying with this cough and cold. Have to ring the doctor tomorrow, make an appointment and get a sick line. And ring the office to get them to send me out a self-certificate form.

Meantime, what did I do yesterday and today?

Yesterday I went up to Belfast for a meeting of Railfuture (NI). I’ve swapped roles with the Secretary so that he’s now chairman, but he was having a lot of undeserved hassle at work, which apparently is getting sorted out. There’s a by-election in Larne borough or something, so we’re doing a little campaigning there (watch the papers for a letter from a friend of mine!) ahead of it re the threatened Larne line… meantime we’re watching the Londonderry line but not treading on the toes of the excellent Into The West.

Came home, relaxed and stuff.

This morning I didn’t bother going to church, had breakfast after 12, and headed off to Ballyholme for 2.30 to help set up for Informal Worship. Sorted out the Powerpoint and did assorted tricks to swap laptops for a video clip from Kenya (about two or three people went over there from Ballyholme last month, and showed some of the camcorder footage tonight).

Interesting thing – I was also looking after the sound a little because Chris Archer wasn’t available, so by the time I adjusted the sound so Rory Wilson could be heard over it, or so that the video could be heard when Rory wasn’t talking, he said it went better than last week when they did it themselves at the 10am service!

And so here I am, listening to Delirious. Life ain’t too bad!

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