Friday morning… technically

And so much for Thursday.

Had to have meals at sensible times today, because I was at the doctor’s this morning. Meant I had more than I had had the last few days, because I had breakfast, lunch, tea and supper – and it felt good!

Pity, because I rather like having breakfast at lunchtime. (No, I am not developing an eating disorder, this is how I eat on days when I’m not doing anything in particular – late breakfast and lunch, nothing until late evening. Ordinary days I eat normal times, except sometimes I don’t eat in the evenings until 9pm.)

Anyway, I’m signed off work until Monday, and still on the antibiotics. Got the poster and tickets for Adrian Plass off to Margaret and Paddy – in my usual brilliance, I forgot to attach them to the e-mail first time round!

Otherwise, it’s been a quiet day. Won an old Lego Lorry from 1986 on eBay tonight for not very much cost, which is rather good.

Thinking about sleep.

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