Supplemental: what did I do for seven hours on Friday?

Heh. Forgot to do this bit, because it wasn’t just lazing around and talking to lkactually, although that was part of it.

I finally closed the forums on XtremeEvents. Two people replied at all to the e-mail I sent to all the users earlier in the week, and precisely one of them did anything about it – totally not worth the hassle. So I wiped all the non-staff users, archived nearly all the posts, and made it near-impossible to get into the forums. I think I know how to fix that altogether as well, may try it now. (just need a php BEGIN thing in it)

Keeping the old php files in case I need them again, but much of the database is gone. If I ever reopen them, everyone can reregister, but I can’t see it happening… ah well. Meantime, staff can still get in because they need to – where else would we discuss what to do about events?

Anyway, once I did that, I told the one user who had actually come back that I had closed the forums altogether, and he told me he couldn’t get into the site at all – it was coming up with 404 errors (File Not Found for those who don’t know). Sure enough, it was, and I couldn’t get into the cgi server to check things out – looked like I’d been hacked and I haven’t backed up the php files. Eek!

Rang the ISP, they said there was a problem with the server, and to try again in a few hours (when I was going to be at Peter and Kate’s anyway – incidentally, Peter’s 30th birthday is actually today, but he’s on the late shift for the last time before he leaves the City Airport). So I tried again tonight, and everything’s back to normal except that the .htaccess file had disappeared. It’s all good, fixed the .htaccess file, and I’m more than a little relieved.

Finally… tonight I was supposed to be at the Shining, but I rang David Whiteside and said I wouldn’t be there. Using the health excuse, and besides I was tired after all the exercise.

I’ll decide what church I’m going to in the morning when I get that far, doubt I’ll bother going the whole way to my own church cos I’m too tired. I think I’m going to have to slow down.

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