Or something like that!

Very little to report since my last entry, I really must do this more often ya know.

So I may as well tell you about last Sunday – Church Nativity, complete with 30+ year old shepherds and kings. Ali Crawford was back from Paraguay, great to see her.

In the evening, I was at my mum’s church Carol Service. As ever, it varied between good and interesting – they’re not a bad choir, but they can be a little all over the place at times, unfortunately.

Afterwards we went to one of the choir members’ houses. It’s about the only time I get talking to these people due to how little I go to their church (back again on Friday night for Midnight Communion), so it’s good…

Monday XtremeEvents started a server move – new hosting with Mark Railton. There’s a problem with php on that server though, so as I write this entry, the new site is just pointing back to the old server on my ISP.

Finally finished my Christmas Shopping today, and finished posting my Christmas cards (including two which will arrive too late for Christmas – oh well!), only a day too late for the ones which went today – but they’re for Northern Ireland so I expect they’ll arrive by Friday ok.

Tonight the Radio Team met in Seaside Ceramics in Donaghadee to do a little pottery painting. The nine of us selected an item, be it tortoise, mug, bowl, alien (for Sy), or whatever and started painting… great fun, and Etta will collect the things after Christmas. I painted an impersonation of a certain logo on mine… interesting to see how it comes out.

After that we went back to Etta’s for food and so on – excellent idea seeing I hadn’t had any tea due to coming straight from work. We sat around, chatted, Holly and Carly gave out pressies (I got a dinosaur fossil egg out of which you dig the fossil and make the dinosaur), and also had some music… Etta was glad that I play piano, cos it gave her a change. Great fun!

Then I came home, came online, and wrapped my “Secret Santa” present for work tomorrow. And now I’m going to bed!

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