Walking being driven in a Winter Wonderland

The day got better.

My dad came in at about 9.35 and told me we’d be leaving for Grandma’s at 10, so I successfully persuaded him he might as well take me to church in that case – took a while though!

Church was exceptionally short, only 40-45 minutes, but good. The second reading was an expanded Matthew 1:17 – the genealogy of Jesus, with added info, boos, hisses, baffled huh?s, cheers and applause, all good craic.

Then Graeme Kerr left me back to my grandma’s for lunch. Like back at home, my grandma’s street had a bit of snow around – but the main roads have been clear.

After lunch it was present time – I got the aforementioned bike (to which I attached the rear light off the old bike), a wee saddlebag to attach to the saddle (have to adjust the height of the lights and reflector now), and a Beano/Dandy calendar. I’m now coming down with calendars… Such is the price of only really getting presents from your grandma and parents – but hey, that’s the only people I bought for!

I also got the front tyre and inner tube off my old bike before lunch. The tyre is about 18 months old and the inner tube was new last Summer Madness, so they were worth saving. One of the nuts on the rear wheel isn’t going anywhere, so I’ve no mission of rescuing that wheel before it all goes for scrap… but it’s the original tube (albeit unpatched!) and tyre, about seven or eight years old.

After watching the Queen’s Christmas message, we had cake and headed home as the snow was coming down again – better than going back in the dark, and to be honest the afternoon just drags after the Queen’s speech – if it had been fine I’d’ve been out on my new bike to pass the time.

Forgot to mention yesterday – I won three bottles of wine in the annual work raffle (all the bottles and pressies we get from consultants etc) which my dad now has. It’ll take him a few weeks to get through them!

Now watching 102 Dalmations. All good.

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