Ho hum…

So I’m tidying my room. And when I tidy my room, my bed’s usually out of action due to being where I put stuff on its way onto my bookshelves, other storage etc.

So I have to sleep downstairs. Only my dad’s got an objection… well, he wants it tidy so he can put up with it.

In other news… yesterday went well at church with playing and leading. Couple of guitars, drums and another singer to go with me on piano and lead vox… Fortunately there wasn’t time to do Away in a Manger during Communion (not sure why we had to have it anyway!) because we ran out of time, since I hadn’t had a chance to practice it.

Last night I was at King’s Fellowship as usual on the first Sunday night. Was prayed over, and told that God’s got gifts and stuff for me – it’s not what I’ve expecting, which will come in time (and I’ve to be patient), but there is stuff. Interesting…

(PS: I have an Adult Christian filter which I use to talk about stuff I want to go really in depth with and/or just don’t want everyone to see. If you’re over 18 and want to be on it, drop me an e-mail or a comment or something…)

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