I think we’re probably too worried.

The weekend was really good, but we’re following it up with a few weeks off and contemplation of what to do next.

If I lose her… I don’t know what I’ll do.

Becky is unique among all the women I have ever met. She has accepted me exactly the way I am, with all the odds and ends that come with me. I love spending time with her. She has real gifts.

She is the closest match I have ever met to my perfect woman. Indeed, she pretty much is.

The bar of what I’m looking for in a woman has been raised incredibly by knowing her, because she has all my exes’ good points, none of the bad points, and a few other good points besides.

Who will I find who can do that job?

Or am I worrying about nothing, and God will sort it all out?

Wish I knew… Bleah.

Keep praying, folks.

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