1. Copy and paste your LJ Friends List into a post.

2. Bold the people on your friends list you’ve met, italicize the ones you’ve talked to on the phone, underline the people you’ve instant messaged, red the people you’ve sent mail to or received mail from through the post. Delete the duplicate usernames…

aikakone, bafleyanne, beckyboo0, crazyarjay, drwadd, fishgill, frofligate, hullosqueeze, justtink, lemon_nomel, lenabee, lkactually, moosings, princess_nomi, runwolf, ruthiebabes, sarawayland, shanneeluee, sigint98g, sisterhavana, smw_patriot, warlord, xnavaehxlovex, yadiyd, zayabibu

That didn’t take long!

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