Ulster 42, Rotherham 15

For the first time since Regent first won the Schools Cup, I went to Ravenhill tonight with Becky and Helen (her friend, for the unacquainted).

It was great, oddly enough. I also love spending time with Becky.

They flew in on Wednesday lunchtime – the plane was delayed at Heathrow due to Air Traffic Control problems, but I still got back to the office in time for the end of lunch, which was good. In the evening, we had tea in The Other Place on Botanic Avenue, saw Bewitched and went to Wetherspoons, or Lloyd’s/The Bridge House as it is now.

Yesterday, Becky and Helen went off to Dublin for the night. Apparently plenty of shopping was done… and we went to the rugby (as previously mentioned) and met my boss in his Ulster rugby shirt. Becky’s not the greatest rugby fan, but can put up with it for me and Helen…

Tomorrow we see Helen off to the airport, then head for Bangor, get some shopping, and give me a haircut. Sunday will be church and who knows what else, Monday we go to Newcastle, Tuesday we go to the Causeway, and Wednesday we don’t know yet except Becky flies out in the evening (WAH!)

Such is my life at the moment. I know I’ve a few months to fill in too, but I’ll do that after Becky goes home.

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