Bored bored bored!

I’m watching The Golden Hour on ITV. And I’m bored.

Becky’s stuck offline for now – but still trying to get back on, so I’ve hardly anyone to talk to, and I’m also tired.

So what happened?

This morning, I was at an Asbestos Awareness seminar in the Waterfront Hall. The amount of stuff that contained Asbestos, which was only finally banned in the UK in 1999 (Chrysotile, or white asbestos – all the other types of asbestos were banned in 1985) is scary. Canada still mines it, and the guy who did the seminar told us he believes it is still exported to the Third World. Scary.

So in a few weeks, I’ll get a wee CD-ROM which also works as an ID card to prove I’ve done the seminar. Another piece of plastic to keep me going!

In other news, I found out today that I’ve got through to the next round of the EOII promotion process – I got 23 out of 30. Not bad considering that the second half of the test was fairly subjective (I answered as I’ve been treated in recent years, or would like to have been treated)… but the job hunt still goes on.

I’ll call Becky in an hour or so. Maybe sooner, I’m that tired.

And I will put up a photo of her on the net. Soon.


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