Health issues…

Well, I went to the doctor’s yesterday morning.

I’ve been getting headaches for the last number of weeks, first of all only when in the office, but it’s now an all-day thing. The doctor did several things – checked pressure in my eyes, ruled out sinus headaches, chatted to me about stress (in my case, of course, that’s stress about not having enough to do at work!), and took my blood pressure.

My blood pressure is… 165/100. That’s HIGH.

So I’ve to get it checked weekly for the next three weeks to see if it’s a one-off.

Not even slightly good.

So I’m going to try and cut back a bit and relax more. Let others carry more burdens instead of carrying them all myself. Should help a bit, also I imagine we’ll get my health checked out properly as well in a few weeks.

Of course, my problem is I get frustrated when things are going wrong and they should be going right, especially if it’s something I could do right if it was me.

It’ll make doing sound for church tomorrow morning interesting, because that has been quite hairy over the last few weeks, taking too long to set up and so on for the people actually doing it. I’ve a fairly good idea what I’m going to do, but even so… Watch this space…

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