Two days on…

Well, sound yesterday went fine. I had people with sensible advice around me, and so on – and I had everything ready to run for the band in good time. The evening was fine too – Malcolm stuck around and helped, and again I had plenty of advice for how to deal with the violins.

The interesting thing was that while you just had to turn up the violins and hope you could hear them (we did occasionally), the guitars were unusually quiet. Apparently they’d overdone it last week while I was in Ballyholme playing keys for Informal Worship. Not a bad thing, meant we could hear the piano…!

That said, I’m concerned about Tony’s voice. It’s deteriorated a lot in the last couple of years, and it’s getting more difficult to blend him with everyone else. Meantime Bronwen is turning into a good wee singer – tiny bit flat occasionally on Sunday morning, but I was very pleased with her and said so.

Today I moved desk, two computers, and assorted phone extensions. It’s the sort of thing I’m good at – the logistics of moving three people around the office, getting everything in the right order, and working with the folks from computers and telecomms to make it all happen. Job satisfaction for the day – and I got my new Nokia 6680 (it is GOOD!)

Frustration though – I got very little sleep last night, and with being this tired, my headache’s bad. And I discovered earlier that I could have transferred my numbers from my old phone to the new one via this computer. Oh well.

(only 9 days until Becky gets here!)

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