Too many late nights!

Didn’t even get in until midnight last night, but it was worth it. More on that shortly.

Anyway. My last real update was Monday before last.

Wednesday, Becky arrived, and we went to grandma’s to meet the family. It went well – so the next scary step, sometime next year, is family meets family. Hmmm… maybe one to put off a while.

Thursday after work (yes, I worked on Thursday!) we went to the Belfast Boiler Room meeting. It was a good chance to introduce Becky to the folks, and explain what’s been happening. We prayed for individuals again, and also ate some of Nigel Smith’s pumpkin pie… there were about ten or eleven there, which was really encouraging. We moved from our usual room at the top of May Street church to a corner of the church with comfy seats – and a sofa just big enough for the two of us.

Friday was Autumn Soul day. After a slow start (always nice), we went to Bangor for lunch at home – then Becky cut my hair, we went to the doctor’s (BP – 138/88!! Thanks God!), I got new shoes, and we went off to Autumn Soul.

It was a really good weekend – I so enjoy worshipping God in doing lights and turning the place nice colours.

Sunday was fun for a number of reasons. I saw Becky off onto the 11am train, then went home for lunch – and she got into the airport, checked in and found out she was on the 1945 plane, not 1310. So back to Bangor she came… and we got an extra 4.5 hours together!

Sunday night was more interesting. I had borrowed a minidisc player to record Sunday night at church – it was a Catholics and Evangelicals Forum, this time on the sacraments, and we had PA problems (no surprise there). Anyway, I was asked to get the guitars to turn themselves down (the vocals were up high so they were too loud, but the guitars were still on top of them)… only Paddy then asked the guitarists himself and interfered with the discussion on how to fix it. I really didn’t need that, because it’s a hard enough job for me to do sound. I’m now thinking about whether I want to do sound at all or not.

Monday-Wednesday were fairly routine work days, although I’m still sneezing away. And I keep staying up late at night talking to people.,

Today I was out on the ground. One of our buildings has a basement where you have to crawl between sections – gaps in the wall about 3 feet high, which is no fun if you’re 6 feet tall. But we had a look anyway…

Tomorrow I get my blood pressure checked again. Hopefully it’ll be low again – on the other hand, in Becky’s absence…!

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