Not as good as seeing Becky…


I’ve been shortlisted for the Summer Madness Development Officer post!

Interview is going to be on Monday. Keep praying, because much as I’d love the post, it must be God’s will.

In other news, my BP was holding steady on Friday at 138/86 – seeing the doctor again on Thursday week. The weekend was good… Saturday night I got the train up to Sydenham (very well known to Becky after last Sunday…!), cycled round to Peter Boyd’s, and apparently just missed seeing myself on TV in the video of the Global Day of Prayer at Stormont. It was great to see the footage – I stayed for an hour or so, talking to Robin and Margaret Clarke (Margaret having been one of the folks behind the event).

Sunday morning the new sound desk was in place (WOOHOO!), which made life a bit easier. We had trouble with the radio mic, though, but I had that fixed half way through the service, in time for Communion.

In the afternoon, I rang Lois and Alex Kane, to see if I could borrow Lois’s bass guitar, but they had to say no due to lack of time. One of those “oh well” things, but then Lois rang me back and said Alex had got the bass out of the garage where they’d left it behind some of Emma’s toys – how cool are they!

So I was playing for the service for the first time in a few months. It was great – even though I missed Tony’s cue not to repeat the second half of the last verse of Before the throne of God above. Oh well…

Otherwise, very little to report. I’ve got 22 days to start and finish my novel for nanowrimo – maybe I’ll do it sometime.

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