Good news

For a few weeks – basically, since my ingrown toenail healed – I’ve had occasional pain between the first two toes of my right foot. It started again on Tuesday, and didn’t stop for once – so I went to see the doctor on Friday after a few days’ hobbling.

So I was prescribed Ibugel, which I found WAS actually cheaper on prescription than off the shelf (50p less for 100ml compared with two tubes off the shelf). And it’s made a difference.

My foot’s a lot more comfortable after only one day. Woohoo!

In other news, Thursday was the regular Boiler Room meeting – but with my foot as it is, I stayed behind in May Street Presbyterian with two of the ladies, and we had an impromptu worship time without music. It was great.

Apart from that, it’s Saturday, I owe my mum £8.65 for getting my suit dry-cleaned, and it’s church tomorrow. Must e-mail Tony.

20 days until I fly into Heathrow again!

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