Yes, I do owe you an update, as beckyboo0 reminded me earlier today.

Anyway, to bring everyone up to date, we decided a few days after my last entry to meet up properly when Becky’s over (in TEN DAYS!) and talk through the issues affecting our relationship. We’re taking it easy until then – kind of a few weeks’ limbo.

We know what the issues are, and I reckon that we can deal with them properly – Becky had said there were ones which were so linked to the way that I am she might just have to live with them, as well as ones like conversation (rather than communication – I talk, and I listen, but I am hopeless at carrying on conversations, because of how quiet I tend to be – the introspective side of me!) which will make or break us.

Please keep praying for us. As well as the issues, we need to be sure that what we want (to keep going as long as the issues can be sorted) is what God wants too. We hope so.

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