Going back public again…

As you may have noticed, all my real entries for some time have been private, limited to a fairly broad section of my friends list. Those ones are staying that way, but for now I’m going public again.

I’ve done a great deal of praying in the last three weeks. Through my struggles, God has taught me to rely on him, and I’ve even ended up randomly praying for others too – it feels great to be talking to God regularly about what I see and feel – there’s still plenty more I’m quite capable of doing if I put my mind to it, but it’s still pretty wow.

Anyway, the upshot of it all is that I’m going nowhere for the foreseeable future. The following issues need to be sorted out before I go anywhere:

  1. I need God’s calling to be made clear to me. I’ve been trundling along for years, serving God where I am, getting new jobs in the Civil Service as I need them, and doing musical stuff I love in church.
  2. I need to sort out my finances. On current plans this will take until the end of 2008, but it’s doable.
  3. I’ve to wait for God to lead me to the woman he’s chosen for me. I’ve been referred to Genesis 2:24:For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.. In this context, it looks like God wants me to stay home until it’s time to get married (or something along those lines ) – certainly, to stay here while I’m single as such. I think that once he’s sorted me out with the woman he’s chosen for me to marry, this will all fall into place.

Once God has sorted these out (I’m discussing finances with him to see what he wants to do), I think things will fall into place nicely.

Meantime, I’m coping reasonably well. I’d normally say surprisingly well, but since God filled the void in my heart that goes back about ten years or longer, and since I got my prayer life into a little more order (there’s nothing like a crisis to bring you closer to God), it’s been so much easier. The devil will try and attack me, as is his way, but I feel better able to counter those attacks with the strength God gives me. I know very well what my weakest point is, as does the devil, but right now God’s strengthening even that point.

Mind you, it is back to the old waiting game. And I think everyone knows what I think about that… Never mind, I know God is with me.

PS. Sadly, Rob Lacey died on Monday. Obituary by some obscure bloke at http://www.ignite.cd/index.cfm?section=evaluate&midsection=62&subsection=&page=article&id=2305

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