Who am I anyway? (originally on my Ignite blog)

Hey folks

Well, John has given me a blog, so it’s time to start writing.

My name’s Andy Boal, I’ve been around Summer Madness since 1994 when I arrived at Gosford as a fresh-faced 21 year old Steward (21 wasn’t as old for a Steward as it is now!), moving through the Site Team (2001-2003 or so) to MovieZone (2002-date), Technical Team (2005), and generally fixing things (2006).

I am also the only remaining Moderator from the original team appointed to help out on the Ignite forums.  I’ve seen a few people through the doors, but we’ve now got a very good, watchful team (go Mark and Dave!)

Out in real life, I’m a badly paid Civil Servant (I suppose you’d say I’d say that no matter what I got paid – but it’s true anyway), but am looking for a new job, and perhaps a new location if I’m listening to God correctly.

Churchwise, I’m a Christian (no!  really!) who belongs to the Church of the Resurrection at QUB.  I play bass there most weeks, sometimes piano (truthfully not enough piano – but even when our regular pianist is off I tend to get another, better pianist to play, although his repertoire is smaller – means we can have piano as well as bass), and it’s been my spiritual home for four and a half years.  For reasons I’ll go into at some stage, it’s only been a temporary home, but it’s one where I’ve settled well, and it proved a great refuge after a tough few years where I burnt out rather badly (all things considered, 2001 wasn’t a good year).

The plan here is to simply talk about God, what I know of God, what I think, my observations as I go around my daily business, and random thoughts.

I do have a personal blog where I post about day to day stuff, and a writing journal where I post a fair number of my poems etc.  If you’re on LiveJournal, feel free to add me as a friend, and I’ll add you back. (2012 note – this site is replacing both!)

Today was the Global Day of Prayer gathering at Stormont, and followed ten days of prayer walking round Belfast (even though I was only free for three days).  More later.

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