One week later…

Or near enough. I’m getting better at this regular updating malarkey.

On Tuesday I went off to Union Conference, which was good craic. In my room (although I’m taking it to my office tomorrow) is my shield for being in the winning team in the Wednesday night Table Quiz. As Sam’s Yer Man (presumably for a bargain) we were a point ahead of the Derry Airs (team from Stroke City Social Security I think), who as I remarked the next day at the end of a brief speech about how great it would be to have a way of signing up for the union online, were a little behind. My puns aren’t improving.

Other speeches included one on the needlessness of a political fund (we’re not a political union, we have views on nearly every aspect of public policy except the Good Friday Agreement, where we have apparently avoided having any opinion, so as I remarked we are issues-based, and tend to agree with one party one one policy in the morning and disagree with them on another the same afternoon) which went to a Card Vote whose result will come out next week as it was the very last item of business at the conference. I was relatively quiet, all things considered.

One week isn’t enough to recover from playing too much bass. My fingers were sore again this morning after a lot less hard work than the previous week.

I asked Luke Pratt to take photos this morning for Dave Lowry, but I found this evening that there weren’t any photos on the camera. Rather annoying – and a waste of poor Luke’s time. I’ll fix that some other time.

On the other hand, I did take 177 photographs at the Global Day of Prayer. The good ones will be uploaded to the Ignite website in due course, and I’ve to burn CDs for Margaret Clarke (Transformations Ireland) and Peter Boyd (UCB) with the 150-odd I haven’t scrapped. I don’t get rid of photos easily – but I’m quite pleased with the photos I took. I take a mixture of acceptable, good, and “right moment, right place” pictures – not bad, ya know.

The Global Day of Prayer itself was excellent. I cycled the six miles from the Church of the Resurrection, missing the Friends of the Centre meeting (it was running rather late as the service started even later than usual, Andrew Forster preached for his usual half hour which we’re no longer used to, the Sunday School presented a new banner, and we were commissioning a team going off to Brazil that day with Tear Fund). Oops.

Once I got there, I took said photographs. Thank goodness for a decent digital camera, which mine is. Not exactly top of the range, but good enough for the results.

Obviously, I was also worshipping and praying (albeit inbetween bumping into old friends and acquaintances!). I’ll post more about that later.

Talking of Ignite, I’ve a blog there now at Its purpose will be to write about God, my thoughts, and stuff which has never really fitted in here. There will be a certain amount of overlap, but this one will still be my main blog.


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