Radio and Railways

Well… I was on Radio Ulster this morning at 8.15, asking Keith Moffatt and Mal McGreevy questions about fares to Bangor. As I do.

If you want to listen to it yourself, go to the BBC website, find Northern Ireland and Good Morning Ulster, and listen to Wednesday’s programme – fast forward to 1:45 and you’ll hear my dulcet tones. Surprising they used me really, because we all know people have difficulty understanding me – but the material was good.

It was actually part of Translink’s meet the managers event which they are having instead of an AGM. It has many advantages, in terms of individuals getting to talk to managers and so on over the three nights, but means there’s no chance to flag up the companies’ financial performance. Still, it’ll be fine.

Otherwise, little to report. I got a Box 1 at work (Woohoo!), Sunday was busy as I got the train to church, then a lift to Mark and Angie’s house, where we discussed the future of theweeprayerroomthing. It’s been toddling along as just a chance to meet and pray for each other and Belfast twice a week, but it always had a “Boiler Room” subtext – and the conclusion is that a Boiler Room as such is not where God is leading us. Possibilities include a prayer hub/base etc, where the core is basically the hosts of the prayer room, networking through those who visit or come regularly to other groups, lifting members and other groups in prayer, interceding, supporting, generally worshipping. A powerhouse.

It is exciting, and it’s interesting to see where God will actually lead us.

This weekend I’m off to Rostrevor again to the Connect weekend! Shouldn’t be playing much bass, but really looking forward to it.

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