SMConfidential Day 1

Breakfast cereal – Check.

Milk – Check.

Bread – Check.

Butter – Check.

Toaster – JOHN! You forgot to bring the toaster!

Such is the way of things. Right now it’s Monday night, and it’s just me and King’s Hall security on site. All sensible people (ie Stephen Glasgow, Rick Thompson, Ryan Adair, Rachael B and JK) have gone home to their beds, but I’m here on site, ready to go off to work as normal in the morning (but on the bike).

It’s a bit different this year – I’m usually down, living and working on site from today, but I can’t afford the leave this year. My dad and I got here about 8pm, only to discover noone else was, because Steve, Rick and Ryan were off in the van picking stuff up. Anyway, I got a brief glimpse at the site. Half of the square subcamp has been lifted and covered in hardcore this year (apart from the fact that more people want to come to Summer Madness every year, this is the main reason why we’re so short on capacity this year), as we noticed yesterday at the Staff barbecue, all those lovely cement-filled sign buckets have arrived on site (where’s my new one for the Cinema?) and two marquees have arrived – one behind the Northern Bank (Hostility Hospitality… get out of these bad habits, Andy) and one where the big white tent was last year. Otherwise things are fairly quiet, and I’ve settled down for a quiet night in front of the computer.

That’s pretty much day 1. This computer could become the server for the site, which is a little scary (we need an LAN to update the database with those who registered offline), but we’ll see what happens tomorrow night. Meantime, I’m off to bed… supposedly.

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