SMConfidential Day 5

And so Day 1 ends. At least for the campers, because for those of us on site on Monday, it’s Day 5.

(Things are bad. I can’t remember where I left off on yesterday’s blog!)

Anyway. Last night the crank on my left pedal nearly fell off, so I took the train into Belfast. Life Cycles was closed, due to a crazy morning that the owner had (he rang me back later to say he hadn’t got in until 11.30 – I gave up at 11), but I ended up at McGarvey’s in King Street who tightened it, saying I’d need a new crank soon enough as it would come loose again.

It wasn’t a totally wasted morning, as I got a new globe and mantle for my gas lamp, and a couple of other messages.

Before that, I had rushed to the Church of Ireland Centre in search of a data projector, with which Tim Canning and I got back only five minutes late. In what started out a very slow afternoon, I ended up helping act as Sub Camp Leader for the Londonderry Hall (normally run by the Square subcamp), waiting for six groups to arrive and pitch tents after I left.

I also ducked out to get Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The rest of the films for the weekend are on the Summer Madness website – check it out 😉

We had our first full Security Team meeting. I walked in and said something along the lines of “Where did you all come from and where were you last night and last Sunday?” – thankfully taken the right way. It looks like I’m on standby most of the day, but I may also be on the general rota. Soon see what happens.

You’ll want to know what Tre was talking about tonight. He went against type, and preached on being hungry for what God wants us to do, based on Peter’s affirmation of Christ and Jesus explaining what that entails (including suffering) and the Transfiguration, all from Mark 8. The climax of the talk was about coming down the mountain afterwards – he compared it to talking about the end of the festival at the start, but if Tre’s intention is to spend his talks talking about action, he’s started at the right place.

More tomorrow night.

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