SMConfidential Day 6

And so the first full day of the festival passes. And the weather forecast has changed again – they are now expecting pretty much constant fine weather for the next five days rather than showers on Monday.

In a change to the published programme, Phil Collins spoke this morning, but I’m too tired to remember what about (besides, it was many hours ago).

Highlight of the morning was a spot of Security Rapid Response by myself and Mark Railton. Called to meet a couple of motorcyclists who had accidentally ended up in the middle of the site, we cycled up in double quick time – Troy got there from a shorter distance about the same time, and Mike drove up to watch Mark mainly deal with it before Troy and I walked them down to Gate A to retrace their steps to Gate G (where they had entered the site). Nice and straightforward.

Tonight Tre was preaching on Luke 4 after Jesus returns from the wilderness, when he speaks in the Nazareth Synagogue on Isaiah 61. Crux of the talk was that this was the moment.

Response was to throw water on our faces to wake ourselves up, and remind ourselves that it was daytime and time to get going.

Personally, I was prayed with by a couple of people I already know. The upshot of it was reference to Revelation 3 and doors that no man can close, and that I was in a good place for now and basically to live for that rather than continually looking towards the future.

During the day, I attended my first Streetreach seminar for 2006. There are fewer and fewer left of the 140 (or however many there were) who did Lower Shankill in 2003, just a handful of areas, but the preview of the areas was so encouraging.

The rest of the day was spent on Security (or cycling to XtraVision!). Fairly quiet, thankfully – and since I’m to be up for 6am tomorrow, I’m off to bed now!

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