SMConfidential Day 8

It’s nearly over!

Monday was all in all a VERY interesting day. I started out by covering Gate A since no other security personnel were available, all having been up late the night before, before escaping.

The afternoon was our trip to the City Cemetery. Photos will follow, but you won’t believe the difference that the 500 people made to the cemetery, clearing some of the most horribly overgrown graves and gravestones, and also clearing out a derelict house (downstairs only!). Jim Rodgers (chair of the BCC Parks Committee) attended, and was obviously really impressed – the whole thing really blows my mind. Wow.

The evening was Mike Pilavachi’s second talk. Where on Sunday night he had talked about God and referred to the Scriptures, he took time to expound the two fishing incidents involving Peter – with his dark sense of humour of course!

One of the interesting things is that Tre having talked to us about action, Mike took time both nights to talk to us about praying for each other as we stood, setting parameters to work within (and having the Prayer Ministry experts to hand to ensure that only they stepped outside those parameters). Not entirely unusually for me, I ended up flat on my back as God spoke to me.

The Cinema was another thing altogether – it started an hour late because, try as a couple of guys from the AV team, plus Rishi and Geoff from the site team, and I stood scratching our heads trying to work out why the DVD player wouldn’t talk to the projector. People were praying, because quite suddenly the DVD started working again just before 11 – the venue finally finished 15 minutes late (without rolling the credits), but they did get seeing the film, which I feared that they mightn’t have – and, arguably, we shouldn’t have shown it without enough time to finish it. Thanks to Nelly and JK for sorting that one out for us!

Streetreach proper starts tomorrow. I need to find out when I need to be back tonight, because I think I’m going to run over to my grandma’s and get a nice hot bath…!

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