SRConfidential Day 2

Well, I’ve just cycled round a pretty peaceful King’s Hall site. Nicky Kells last went round just before 2, and Martin Edwards is going to let me get to bed in about half an hour or so (BLISS!)

Yesterday (as it is now) morning was fairly quiet. Two guys missed their bus, and got extra kitchen fatigues with Patricia, our semi-resident nurse before being taken on to their area (isn’t she lovely!). Martin and I could easily have found something for them to do for the afternoon 😉

This afternoon, I cycled down to Sandy Row, where I was based last year, and to Holylands, to see how the teams were getting on and to take some photographs. I hope to upload the best ones later on in the week… More prosaically, I also got more lovely yellow gloves for the toilet teams tomorrow…!

In Sandy Row, I learnt that a wee fella who had been giving a team a bit of a hard time yesterday gave his life to Jesus last night. Wow. Darren is in touch with the local youth fellowship leader, Lindsey McLeod, whom I remember well from last year (she’s good!)

In Holylands, I arrived in time to search for teams before attending a barbecue and joint birthday party for a Streetreach delegate (17) and local resident (62).

Back on site, we have been having it fairly quiet during the day – all the real action is out on the streets. Summer Madness has now left site, so all that is left is Streetreach (which means we have to do the full clear-up on Sunday… lovely… still, it’s only two subcamps, my stable and the Balmoral Hall now)

What does concern me, and we need prayer for this, is spiritual attack and health. John Kee’s son Robin has been diagnosed with diabetes, and as I speak, John is spending the night with Robin in the Ulster Hospital. Health problems are also dogging other members of the team – one guy had to go to hospital tonight after hitting his head during the day and fainting during worship.

Please pray for our safety. God is our strength, our stronghold, our place where we are actually safe, but we can never have too much protection from him.

More tomorrow.

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