Advent thoughts…

I wrote this some years ago, based on a sermon by Cardinal John Henry Newman.



What is watching?

You know that feeling, when you’re waiting for a friend. And they’re late.
Or you’re somewhere with people you don’t like and you want to get away.
Maybe you’re hoping something won’t happen.
Perhaps something is going to happen and you wish it would, you’re so nervous.
Could be a friend is far away, and you’re waiting for a letter from them, just to see how they’re doing.

On the other hand, is it when you’re with someone and your eyes go wherever theirs go.
When you mirror the changes in their face – the smiles, the frowns.
When you know what they want before they ask.
When they are sad, annoyed, happy, you share it with them.

To watch for Christ is all of these, and more. Words of this world shadowing realities of another which defies description using human feelings.

Andy Boal 26 November 2000

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