Feedback on theweekend…

There has been criticism of the church weekend on this blog. I am going to take the opportunity briefly to respond…

The church weekend was no more and no less than a fellowship weekend – a chance to spend time with each other and with God.

As such, considerable time was given each morning to spending time with God. Saturday morning was spent initially in singing for about ten minutes before looking at James 1 through Lectio Divina.

The objective of Lectio Divina is of course to study God’s word in detail, to immerse yourself in it and hear what God is saying – full engagement, and humility as you come before God to hear what he is saying. Immersion without agenda.

It surely makes sense that studying God’s word in great depth may bring you to a place where you realise that God is speaking to you very specifically through a passage, perhaps in an unexpected way, but consonant with the rest of Scripture (always the litmus test!)

Sunday morning I have already discussed. Those who were there will tell you how much we learned about God’s amazing grace in Paddy’s life. Formal teaching it was not, but we learned so much about the outstanding God we serve. One thing’s for sure, we spent too much time focussing on God and what God has done to start thinking about man-made things.

I won’t be discussing this in the forums.

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