Beautiful Feet

Two weeks ago, the folks of took a big decision.

Having prayed about it for several weeks, we decided that God was telling us to stop “just praying” and go and act. Enough of us were thinking the same thing after the three weeks, and having spent time during the meeting in prayer before discussing it.

In this case, we’re acting by going and literally feeding the hungry. The title “beautiful feet” comes from Isaiah 52 (“How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news…), although we nicknamed ourselves The Great Big Soup Pot Thing.

So last Tuesday, we met at Calvary Christian Centre, heated up soup, and buttered and filled rolls, had a fellowship meal, prayed, and hit the streets. We met four people.

We met Roger in Fountain Street, and a Polish man outside the City Hall. The third guy we met, Mike, isn’t homeless (and didn’t take any soup!) but we were still able to talk to him for a while before we moved on along Botanic Avenue. It was still a God appointment!

The last guy, Malcolm, was as surprised as we are that we didn’t see very many people. He gave us a quick tour from Howard Street where we met him round some of the City Centre areas to find homeless people, and told us where else to look.

Was it disappointing only to meet four people? Of course. However, we are certain this is what God wants us to be doing, so we will keep going, and we will continue to listen to God just to make sure we’re following his path.

If you’d like to join us, come to Calvary Christian Centre between 6pm and 8pm any Tuesday night, where we get ourselves set up and ready to go. 6pm is best (for the fellowship meal and to prepare food) but we don’t leave until after 8pm.

More info on the website!

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