Strand Presbyterian Church

Back in April, I saw a ad in Wesley Owen in Belfast looking for a pianist to lead Sunday worship in Strand Presbyterian Church in East Belfast.

I rang the minister, who met me for lunch, and promptly played two services (Palm Sunday and Good Friday evenings) for them.  I came back at the start of May to do two full weeks before the Kirk Session decided if they wanted to keep me on.

So I got a phone call tonight from the minister – and they want to keep me on 🙂

It’s going to be a real challenge, because the worship group needs some encouragement, I’m looking for a djembe or bongoes player, hoping to find new musicians, to give the existing ones new vision (particularly a couple of guitarists who haven’t been around much!), to teach them new songs over time, to change things bit by bit working with them, bringing them on board, and so on.

It is actually really exciting 🙂

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