Grace and holiness

I’m more than slightly behind on my Bible readings, and it’s of course one person’s fault: my own.

So I’m reading my notes (Lucas on life every day) for Monday 14 May, which are on Proverbs 6:12-35, and Jeff is talking about grace against holiness.

And I have to think about my own life.

That God loves me, and gives me his grace and mercy is amazing. I’ve messed up badly in assorted ways at assorted times throughout my life, to the point of abusing his grace (sinning, knowing that it is sin, and knowing that God will forgive me anyway, and St Paul has a few things to say about that in Romans 6), yet this God who is holy and calls us to be holy, and indeed can’t abide unholiness, because of Jesus, does accept me.

God is astounding, and it humbles me. Wow.

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