Bruised but not broken!

This evening I decided to cycle over to my grandma’s and sort out the TV in her bedroom. Except I didn’t get very far…

Cycling into Bangor Town Centre, I rear-ended a Peugeot 306 which had stopped waiting to turn left into a narrow entry, and knocked in his rear windscreen, falling off my bike and landing on my left shoulder, picking up quite a few cuts and bruises.

My front wheel is badly bent, which will cost me £25, plus I need to get the frame checked out. Then I have to pay the car driver’s excess of £60 to keep the police happy, perhaps also part of the no-claims he’ll lose.

My mum picked me up and took me to the Ulster Hospital, where they decided I haven’t broken anything and sent me home with instructions to take painkillers as necessary. I was in and out inside 20 minutes, which is impressive – helped by only getting as far as Triage! I actually spent longer cleaning myself up (and being cleaned up at Domino’s Pizza where the accident happened), between cleaning the worst cut (very shallow) and just generally washing.

Hopefully I’ll be able to play piano in the morning, otherwise it could be very interesting!

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