Back on site!

I am once again sitting in the corner of Comms late at night, but with a very different computer from last year.  The benefits of upgrading to a Mac!

Last night I met Mel Barnes at the airport.  It had been 15 months since she had been here at all, and 2 years since I had last seen her at Summer Madness 2005.  The plane was an hour late, but it was still great to see her – and she was more than slightly warmly welcomed on site yesterday.

I deliberately went home last night, not having packed, and still having things to deal with before moving.  The legendary Paul Rowden collected me from Bangor this morning and took me and all my gear (including my bike) to Summer Madness.

Having done a little work (painting), and sorted out Powerpoint for More and Staff Worship, and now it’s time I went to bed.  Oh for some supper!

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