The List

This is the list – the things I want in my wife, from the deepest part of my heart.

A woman.
A Christian woman.
A Christian woman deeply in love with Jesus.
A woman who will share journeys with me, with whom I can walk, who supports me and whom I will support.
A woman with the intelligence and brains to argue and discuss effectively with me.
A woman who will complement me and whom I will complement.
A woman who loves with all her heart.
A woman whose inner beauty shines through her.
A woman I can be really proud to call my wife, because of the sum of what God has made her.
A woman with a really big heart.
A woman whose past will no longer matter.
A woman who will accept me as I really am, with whom I will not have to pretend I am anything else.
A woman who doesn't smoke, and never drinks to excess.
A woman I will delight in and thank God for every time I think of her, wake up beside her, or do anything with her.
A woman with whom I will share a relationship as deep as we can handle.
And above all, the woman who is God's best match for me in the whole world!

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