The big trip!

Well… it has been a long time since I blogged.

So what’s different about today?

Two things.

For a start, it is a year since Jo and I met each other one quiet nervous Tuesday evening in Common Grounds Café in Belfast.

Secondly, we are off on holiday together. Starting today.

So this morning I drove out to Curtis Cars in Glengormley to collect a new door mirror, as some lovely person decided to damage it squeezing through the large gap between my car and the van on the other side of the street sometime on Saturday night. £100.33 later, I drove out to Jo’s uncle’s house in Ballyclare where Brian helped me fit it with the aid of a torx screwdriver or two. I then picked up some nice sandals (for use without socks) and a stick in Abbeycentre (check the Millets sale) before heading back to East Belfast.

We finally left just after 3 and hit the M1, A1 and M1 to Dublin. Two and a half hours later, we hit the M11 car park.

We finally escaped the Bray traffic jams, stopped for indulgence at McDonalds in the Town Hall, and drove round to Fiona and Mick O’Hara’s.

Tomorrow we’re going for a nice drive round Wicklow to Enniskerry, Glendalough and Wicklow town before heading to the City North Hotel – maybe there will be photographs before the end of the trip?

Right now, Mick is pondering games with round balls instead of oval balls, so it may be time for hot chocolate and sleep…

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