Busman’s holiday…

Well, I am now an internationally noted pianist.

This evening, we went to St James’ Church in Stockholm, as planned, and sat down to discover that their organist had been delayed due to a road traffic accident… so muggins here volunteered to play piano.

There followed an interesting hour and a half of sightreading and changing of hymns as the minister (a Scottish lass married to a Swede) and I worked out what we could do in mid-service. It was a delight to do, though, and I hope the result honoured God.

I hope to get a week off next Sunday!

The rest of the day… I spent this morning sorting out photographs (see the results on my flickr) and then Eva went with us to the Photographic gallery (Fotografiska). We had an interesting walk round – highlights included Liu Bolin’s “The Invisible Man” exhibition, where Liu has painted himself to hide himself in the picture – in some pictures he is more obvious than others – and Jacob Felländer’s “I want to live close to you” exhibition. Jacob visited twelve cities, including London, New York, Mumbai, Paris and Dubai, and used modified cameras which only advanced 35mm film by 10mm at a time to overlap images. Other exhibitions included “Northern Women in Chanel” and some of Robert Mapplethorpe’s work.

After that, Eva dropped us off near the City Hall (Stadshuset) where we had hoped to go on the Historical Canal Tour (Kungsholmen Runt), but all tickets had already been sold. After ice cream, Jo and I visited the City Hall, which looks very like a church from the side, but very different from the inside. There is a large oak in the main courtyard – the building dates back to the 1930s and is made of red brick, and is built on the site of a mill – which reminds me of Belfast City Hall being built on the site of the Linen Hall. After that we grabbed a quick snack before church, and the rest is history.

Tomorrow we hope to get on that boat tour. Billy and Eva have suggested we take the 76 bus from Ropsten, which apparently does a grand tour around the most direct route, but after that we will hit the museums. Forecast isn’t great for tomorrow, so indoors may be rather popular for us!

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