Starting the long journey home…

Yesterday we did very little. We had breakfast, relaxed, went to prayers at 12 and 8 (in Swedish – we understood very little!) and went for a walk along the lake and into Rättvik church. We spent most of the afternoon on the jetty at the lakeside, admiring the still waters, while Jo painted the scene.

Jo’s friends Lars and Aislinn called by in the evening with their sons Ryan and Theo. Lars is from Sweden, and met Aislinn at Corrymeela. Both boys were born in NI, and are bilingual.

We met two of the Lutheran priests at Stiftsgården. Gisela has been at Stiftsgården for a long time, while Theresa has been here for two months. They appear to wear a dog collar on alternate days, when they take devotions in the chapel.

The first stage of our journey is two trains back to Stockholm, changing at Borlänge. We stay at Billy and Eva’s again tonight, and then fly back to Dublin and drive to Belfast tomorrow. We may yet visit Skansen this afternoon, the local equivalent of the folk museum at Cultra, but long journeys can be tiring and we may just go back to Tranholmen. Wait and see.

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