Some extracts from the groom’s speech…

No, you are not reading the whole thing.  It wouldn’t make much sense if you weren’t there, especially since my job was basically to stand up, say thank you, toast the bridesmaids, and sit down.

“Right, I’m away down the kneebreakers for a pint with big Mervyn.” (Obligatory Uncle Andy joke)

“[Jo] is an amazing woman, and I am only too aware of the responsibility I have taken on.” *laughter* “That wasn’t supposed to be a joke!”

“The responsibility to love, to care, to listen, to remember the first rule: (she is always right) and the second rule (if she is wrong, see rule number 1).  And also the privilege of sharing this road we walk together, sharing the good times and the bad, never giving up, praying daily for God’s grace to treat her the way she deserves.”

“When I first met him, Brian [the best man] was anything but a railway enthusiast.  Now, if I were to say to you that he probably has more railway ephemera than me, my father and my father-in-law put together.  Sorry, Brian, that’s rule number 3: get your retaliation in first!  Doesn’t work on wives, though.”

“Just over a week ago, I picked up a voicemail from Debenhams.  They were very apologetic because the online wedding service was still out of order, and it was getting very close to our wedding date.  I rang them back, and they told me something quite remarkable.  There was precisely one thing left on our wedding list.  Wow.  You have blessed us so much, with your generosity to us in your gifts.  Thank you so much.”

“And it reminds me of that proverb [‘It is in the shelter of each other that the people live’].  As a married couple, we cannot stand alone, but in each other’s shelter, and in the shelter of those around us – you, our friends and our families, including those who can’t be here right now, our churches, Corrymeela and far beyond.

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