A week in Denmark…

So it’s time I got back into blogging regularly – even my posts on Slugger O’Toole are more the exception than the rule.

Aeroplane selfie!

And where better to start with than the summer holiday?

Monday 13th saw too early a start down to Dublin Airport and onto our Ryanair flight – and then the metro, the S-tog (high frequency suburban train) and 5 minutes walk to our lovely Airbnb apartment.

Ricardo was there to meet us, and introduced to the Danish soft drink Faxe Kondi (hint of lemon, but very very nice)  The apartment in Kongens Lyngby is second floor with two balconies, and we thoroughly recommend it (contact us if you want details on Airbnb!)

A quick discovery was the ice cream shop opposite (where I set our Facebook friends the challenge the next night of figuring out who had the chocolate ice cream and who had the strawberry sorbet) and which also sold Flødeboller, and the local irma supermarket, which is big on økologisk – organic produce, and also sells sweetener-free Ribena!  A coffee shop provided breakfast each morning.

Tuesday we took a canal boat tour – best described by having a look through this gallery…

Andy’s bar

We also found my pub (but didn’t call in) on the way to the State Art Museum.

Wednesday took us off to the Lego house, of which more in another post, but left us glad of a comfortable bed – it also got us as close to the Tivoli Gardens as we would actually get, as we came out of Copenhagan Central Station.

Thursday we explored Kongens Lyngby a little!  It’s something of a mixture of Lisburn and Lisburn Road, with shops including the department store Magasin du Nord.

Reflecting back, I think it was a mistake only to book Monday-Friday when we could easily have stayed another night at only about £60 per night – or even gone to the Lego House on the Friday and flown back from Billund airport, saving the train fare (and letting me pick up the Lego Architecture model of Billund airport!)

Train fares.  Much is made of Translink fares, but these will make your eyes water.

404 krona or £48.50 each way from Copenhagen to Vejle for 150 miles plus another 62DKK or £7.50 on the bus for 17.5 miles – yes, NI is cheaper, a lot cheaper, including suburban fares (8 miles for 48DKK or £5.76 on the zonal basis)

So Denmark is definitely expensive, but we loved it.  We barely scratched the surface of Copenhagen, and there is more to learn about the Lego house.

Will we go back again sometime?  I hope so.  It’ll be a few years, but some day.

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